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Don't run around shopping, we do that for you - we will be the 7th emergency service on London

Why Choose Local parcel collection?

We are Local, you can have your small shopping with you within two hours and most important every time you use our services you will be helping disabled, elderly, low earners and unemployed people.



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Job creation

Our service will generate over 700 self-employed local parcel collection couriers - Over 60 full time jobs and over 5 commission only sales people

Local community help

Buying locally will increase local shops sales more money will stay in the community, increases employment opportunities

Two charities

Helping mobility disabled, elderly citizens over 75 years old collect their shopping free of charge and unemployed start their own businesses

logo The best local parcel collection service

You get your shopping within two hours, no more waiting up to 7 days to receive your items, it might cost you a little extra but you can have them the same day

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Our Services

We have included services that will be offered by our charities as well as ours.

Single collection

Collection of one bag or one box from any high street business in a postcode or any of its adjacent ones, delivered within two hours

4 for the price of 3

4 boxes or 4 bags collected from any 4 businesses in the high street, from a superstore or from a shopping center and delivered two hours after, delivered time will be last slot's.

Wait & return

Collection of one item taken to a different place within the local parcel collection area and return to the place where the journey originated from.

Advertise your business

Businesses will be invited to advertise on our site, this will consist of a page with business name, address, land line and Paym mobile number.

Sell on our site

Shops can sell their products or services on our site for a very small registration fee paid monthly plus 1% of the sales.

Free collections

Our C.I.O will offer free local parcel collections to mobility and mental disabled citizens as well as over 75 years old London men and women.

Interest free loans

Our foundation will be offering interest free loans to unemployed, low credit rated or low earning citizen, with a viable business idea.

Jobs for disabled people

We will strongly encourage application for our positions from disabled people, we can accommodate blindness, deafness, muteness and physical disabled.

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We are doing a test run in Ealing W5

If you live in Ealing or have family or friends living there

Jobs for disabled people

We designed a disabled friendly local parcel collection service


We will have customer service positions that can be filled by deaf people, such as answering our web chat, emails or text messages, they can also apply for our self-employed local parcel collection couriers positions


Just as above, they will be able to deal with jobs that do not include long verbal communication with members, hence why they will be able to fill the self-employed local parcel collection couriers vacancies.


We will be able to offer positions for blind citizens in a near future, unfortunately we do not have the facilities to supply the equipment required for them just yet.


Depending of the physical disability, they could do various jobs on our customer service department


What we do

We believe our work will speak for itself
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86-90 Paul Street - EC2A 4NE London - Registration No 09187421

Feel free to contact us to provide some feedback on our services, give us suggestions, or to just say hello!